Merry Christmas

This is truly the season to be jolly for all that you have endured. The weight of the world did not crush you nor the pressure of life destroy you with its circumstances and occurrences and, yet you have come through the fires and was not burned. You have come through the waters and it did not over take you for God did sustained you to be an overcomer!

As you enjoy this holiday season with love ones and friends remember to reflect on the gift that the ultimate father of love has given to all that believe his Son the Lamb of the world Jesus Christ, and as we set aside this day to remember and celebrate as a nation of people that are grateful and will hold true to the joy of the season. Embrace the gift of the season for this day is a time of rejoicing indeed for our Lord has come to restore and rebuild what was lost and broken. Rejoice and be exceedingly jolly for the ultimate gift of love in the son.

What a wondrous time of year as Christmas, therefore let the reason for the season not be in the lights and presents. No rather let this moment reflect the heart flat joy of the season for great cheer. Always know that this is truly a season to be jolly for all that you have endured, and remember to forever be grateful for the savior has come.

So, let this season enlighten you, and let the love of the gift given fill your hearts to embrace your loved ones and friends as the day sets and the new day dawns of the future road to come. Merry Christmas everyone!

Your Time Is Now

Often times there are things in life that make stop and take notice. Circumstances happen to us all; and it the way we look at and respond to the circumstances that make the action a problem or a solution. Just think about the issues that you have had in your own life remember the outcome rather it was good or bad it was all driven on the thing that you physically did or didn’t do that caused you to stop moving forward.

These things in life do not define you and your story of what is within you. The moment is yours to seize just step out and make the first move. Circumstances that are brief interruptions in life and moments of everyday living that stop or divert our attention from accomplishing or completing a mission or dream.

Do not get discourage your time is now, and you will do the unimaginable, create and build the unthinkable. Just seize the moment by stepping out and acting not reacting to the circumstances around you. The test is designed to sharpen you and the circumstances of today do not define your tomorrow. Rise to the purpose that God created you to be, and believe that Your Time is now to stand up and be successful.

It doesn’t matter what may have happen in before and how you reacted to the circumstances of yesterday, just know that you are better than that and your reason for being is to be successful and along the way help someone else by showing them the way to reaching their dreams. Plan for your future and invest in your ability to be great, for the circumstance of today will not be the pathway of your tomorrow if you believe that your time is now to succeed. Stand up and be counted as the fearfully and wonderfully make person you have been created to be, and know that Your Time is Now to achieve the unimaginable.

Weathering The Storm

I hope that you all have been safe and secure during this storm. The weather was pounding and the winds did toss and howled, yet we stand strong! We prayed and decreed that faith would see us through to victory through the weathering storm.

Even through the mist of the storm the rain beat and all did weather the storm yet the height of it was not as great as once thought. What shall we learn from this event of life’s circumstance, but to remember that like the storms that blow through the cities and islands which crosses just as life it can turn and hit us the same way. It is in the circumstances that we grow to become stronger active people that we are today.

It is the steadfast unmovable will to weather the storm for accomplishment of success. Circumstances will come in life; however, we are not helpless to weather the storm. The problems that we face are not impossible to endure if only we believe that we can prevail victoriously.

Therefore, trust that you can make it through life’s circumstances no matter what storm you may face. Though it seems stressful, and the weight of it feels as lead upon your shoulders God will strengthen you to weather the storm. So shout for joy and leap triumphantly for the storms of life shall be canceled and you shall be victoriously.

Haters Hating


These days and time when face the rage and hate of those around us, and even in the heat of the rage we still stand strong. No matter the way people feel or think about you the way to rise above is to hurt of the words and action of the sightedness is to shake it off and do ever more than you have before with the goals and dreams you have within you to do. The attack is a conformation that you are on the right track to success. The devil don’t like when you are doing good so he tries to hinder and discourage you by attacking what you have built.

Haters always hate when you have made a decision to doing something worth-while in life. Haters like to interrupt progress and disrupt flow, therefore keep moving and continue to do what you have been aspired to do. Let the haters rage in their hate, because they will have to answer for their hate and ever thing that they have done rather purposefully or not. Like an animal in search for its prey so a hater goes after those that are doing what they have failed to do in life. There is no honor in hate only misery and doubt.

We will all give an account to a God who sees and know all things, the spirit of hate is style after murder and to hate someone is like killing. The act of killing the very drive and motivation out of a creative mind, and choking the hope out of the vision of having better. Haters are the rift that widens the tear and love is the glue that binds together the tear.   However, we can rise above the hate and continue to show love to heal a broken world for peace and harmony to restore the breech.

Hello From Monterey, California


Greetings everyone and Hello from Monterey, CA, and as you see it is wonderful weather here. This was a very different environment and yet it was exciting to see the wildlife so close that you can almost reach out them! However, it was doing something different that I have never done before and like I have said before it was Great!

Truly making the time out to enjoy the doing something different then you’ve never done before is the stepping out phase that we talked about to make dreams happen.

This is how life should be the willingness to enjoy that thing in life worth seeing and working to build you from ordinary thinking to world changing doing. The less then thoughts and emotions to more than thoughts of reality are the things that you can continue striving to achieve to reach life’s goals. When I visited this amazing place, I felt this sense of clam that one experience with traveling beyond your comfort zone.

Don’t stop reaching for the prize of daring to be great and working to be better than you ever have before. This was a step to being different and doing what I call bringing out the gifts and abilities within. Seeking the God given talents that were poured out to be used for building and creating more than what we have allowed ourselves to possess. Therefore, take that trip you have always dared to take and experience the marvels of life that you know is there to enjoy and live in the moment to be the greatness that is in you to be better.

A Step in the Right Direction


Anytime that you move to doing something different in life it is a step in the right direction. Learning how to do better or taking time out to improving yourself is always a challenge, and yet rewarding. Making a step to do something amazing in life is always the right steps to take. Knowing that in the end the reward for your hard work is progress.

A step in the right direction is to understand that change can be good, and the flow of that change can improve the steps you take in life. Time, patience, and a willingness to succeed are your keys to staying on course. Once you decide that change is what you desire than change is what you can set as a goal to achieve.

Ask yourself two questions that can spark a revolutionary thought of how a step in the right direction can be the most positive for you.


  • Do you want change in your life
  • What steps can you take to challenge yourself

The ideas are endless of the awesome things that you can accomplish when you sit down to focus on what steps are needed to get started. Like I have said in time past do what you love and take a step in the right direction to ensure that the goals you wish to complete are the goals you desire to accomplish. You can do great things and though you have waited and you think time has passed you by, don’t lose sight on believing that you can make a difference to the most important person in your cycle which is you.

Without the belief that you can have and do better in your life, makes it less effective for you to encourage others. Taking a step in the right direction mean first moving to improve you and while helping others you can share your knowledge with those you meet. Let your challenge be that of motivation and in that motivation sore to be the you that move mountains and change live for good.

Moving into your Goals


When you have come to the cross roads in your life to step out on nothing to create something that you only dared to be can be the most exhilarating feeling in the world. Yet it can also make you feel a little apprehensive about what is to come when moving forward into the goals that you have set forth to achieve. Therefore, keep soring to reach the goals that you wish to share and use to build the future of your dreams.

Don’t lose site of the big picture that you have envision seeing yourself accomplish. The vision is yet to be accomplished within you, and the songs that you sing, the lyrics that you wrote, or the fashion that you have created are the goals that you can still use to motivate the visionary inside. Never forgetting that even when one door is shut the action of moving forward is viable for set goals to emerge victoriously.

Ask yourself these questions and think about how you can make this not just a step but rather an action in moving into your goals:

  • What is stopping me from moving into my goals?
  • How can I step into making my goals work?

Let the visionary you are move without limitations. The goals that you set can simply be that you wish to read a book a month or visit places that you have never seen before. Whatever the goal is you can move into setting it for you at your speed and your pace. Build to make the you that you see be the you that you wish to be.

I have said this time and time again that God has given to us all the gifts and talents to speak, to sing for some, to teach, to act, to nurture as care givers and medical providers, writers, and even painters; no matter the skills, can help not just yourself but others you meet along the way as well. What is your life you ask and how can I make a great impact on anyone outside of yourself; well the answer is this that we first help others when we help ourselves improve. For example, we can sing a song that left us up as well as help heal someone hurting inside with the sweet melody of the words sung.

The thought of the things we do being something that can help not only ourselves, but other also is an awesome thought. Dream big and remember that life is but a moment in time and every day that we are given to see another day is a day that we can dare to be great and move into the goals that we have stored up in our hearts to release for the better tomorrow. Stay focus on your vision and keep moving into your goals for creating and building and watch the spark in you not only change your life but also those around you for greatness.


The Unshakable You

When you walk the path of life to better yourself or improve the existence you have, you do not stop to admire the past. Rather you see that there is something missing from your life that you want to enrich. That something could be a College degree or a better job or even a new song you just wrote, whatever it is the path to success lies within you to succeed.

Don’t look at the thing that are weighted against you in this game of life and look at what can be done to make life better. The unshakeable faith deep down on the inside of you to do and live better is the drive to motivate you in the right direction for accomplishment.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What can stop me from getting to the next level in my life?
  • Why should I stop believing that things can be better?

Pause and reflect on what your answer would be for the impossible dream to be possible in you. The next level of living is not some magic potion or a trick that you can do to live better, rather it is the timeless dedication to homing in on your craft to be successful. Whatever the gift or ability that you possess keep the faith that you are doing the best for yourself in enriching your skills.

Believe in your willingness to reach higher heights in knowing what you are capable to perform. The goals that you long to achieve is a step activated by prayer which is the key and your faith unlocks the door to successful rewards of achievement. Don’t lose sight of the unshakable you within and know that your hard work and dedication is not vain labor, but it is the unmistakable you that will accomplish your goals.

Stepping Out on Chance

Building and creating when you have a vision of a finished work within you takes a willing heart to endure. Stepping out to fulfill a plan etched out in your mind is an impossible move that with believing and pressing can be done. It is a chance of a life that rarely comes; however, it is greatly excepted by those who know that opportunities of creating are luxuries that cannot be ignored. Yet the weight of being the author of your own creation causes fear and doubt.

Step out on the chance to inspire and being inspired to build others and unlock the vision you have within is one of the greatest gifts that is given to the hearts of men. It is the motivating factor in coded in the DNA of life given to mankind to be something more than a presence. Believe in something greater that lies within you and seeing that you have that special something that makes you the unique individual that you are, is sometimes hard to hold on to as a real factor of life. Just trust that the mistake is not that you are here, no rather that you have been taught to be limited by your surroundings and environment. The limits of what we see and hear, and yet you want more in and out of life.

Ask yourself two questions:

  • What can I do to make my voice count?
  • How can I reach beyond my limited thinking?

Put into practice the action of doing and not failing to trust in what God has given as talents and gifts. Sometimes there is not a person that will believe that you can be more then they see in reality; the visual of the here and now before the very eyes of the people that doubt, but remember stepping out on chance do not require you to have their approval to move. Believe that you have something worthwhile to offer to not only yourself but others around you.

Even if you feel as though you are standing alone remember that you are remarkable and there is something great within you that you can step out on change and add to the world to make better. Don’t lose site on remembering that God made you fearfully and wonderfully without question. Therefore, step out on chance and know that your dream to build and create is not lost. Press in and take hold of your faith and determination to move forward.

Circumstances are things that come to interrupt the process yet it cannot stop you from being the greatness within only you can stop you from believing and being whatever it is that you have dreaming to do in life. Rather it is to write a book, create an invention, or write a song your purpose is still within you to fulfill. Step out on chance and let the fear fade away into the sea of never fulfilling to reach beyond the limits of your mind to the ability of your heart.

Where To Go From Here


Often, we get to a cross road in life and we ask ourselves where do we go from here? A question often faced and yet the answer is different for many. Following your hopes and dreams become second place when it comes to ensuring that you survive the harshness of life. The bare necessities are what’s most important. Starting families and paying off loans become your reality, where to go from here?

The hopes fade of becoming that artist you dared to envision, or writing books, or even designing fashion for the world to see. The bleakness of your future is holted by your need to comply. What accomplishments have you reached in your lifetime? Fills your mind and the desire of doing something floods is pressing more and more into your heart, but what can you do that has not already been done where do you go from here when everything has seemed to faraway.

Don’t lose sight of your dreams, for there is hope for you. Life is a lesson of experiences which sometimes teaches hard; however, you can accomplish something that you always wanted to do. You can list these things as goals. What goals have you put in place to follow? These are things that you should think about to flow from just a hobby done to an ability of talents and know how.

Don’t get stuck in what you can do, what you feel you are too old to do, or what you haven’t done in a longtime. Writing could still be your goal to complete even if it is one book, song, or writing a play. Whatever you desire to work into being your own business, or just an adventure of a lifetime event you can step out of the shadows of fear into the confidence of I can do it. Where to go from here is the question asked and the answer is simple start moving into setting up your goal and working it one step at a time to get it done.

When you take-action to start the-end-result is to keep moving until you have reached your accomplished desired goal. When you have achieved the one thing in life than others will follow because you have a reference point of the goal you have completed in the beginning. Always remember that you are great and no one can stop the flow you have inside but yourself.

The only way to go from here is forward and live every moment as it is meant to live by taking one day at a time changing your old mindset of it’s too late to I still got time process.